About Diana

Diana Hindman enjoys life on the tropical paradise island of Maui, Hawaii.

She has a business background of over twenty-five years working for various corporate industries as an accountant and retail associate for national stores. Don’t let that business mind-set fool you.  Diana also has an active and artistic edge, which is reflected in the founding and operation of an independent business, as creative designer and owner of The Always Inspired Company.

Diana is a published poet, author, and photographer of beautiful Hawaiian scenery, which she designs into prints and posters.  She is an award-winning speaker (Toastmasters-Kihei chapter) and is currently developing several writing projects for publication.



15 Responses to About Diana

  1. Hi Diana- I came across your blog while googling…I’ve recently discovered some of my own Dutch- New York roots. I loved reading your own personal story and how your genealogical search brought you to a new “place.” I can relate…that’s the journey I am currently on! I just started my own blog about six weeks ago…check it out!!

  2. Harold A. Boomhower says:

    Diana, I came across your page while looking up my mothers side of our family ( Van Buren), however it is on the grandmothers side ,Tinklepaugh. This line goes back to Cornelus and Catelyntje . Thanks for posting all the information that you did. Have you had any luck with going back in the Netherlands futher? If you do please post. thanks again H. Boomhower krautman50@yahoo.com

  3. Carol Hamilton says:

    Hi Diana, we definitely have common Van Schaick ancestry. I am planning my own pilgrimage to Albany with my sister and Dad. My husband and I are coming to Kihei in April for Easter. I will try and contact you when we are there as I would love to “pick your brain” on where we should visit in NY.

  4. Tiffany says:

    I found quite a few years ago that I was connected through my maternal bloodline to be connected to this very family tree! I have not been able to find the page since then. I did find this through google and thought I would see if there was any way we could correspond and compare notes one day!

  5. Carol says:

    Hi Tiffany, I tried to connect with Diana when I was in Hawaii but had no luck. Feel free to contact me directly at carolann.hamilton@hotmail.com and we can definitely compare notes! I am curious to see how we are related.

  6. Tiffany says:

    It is through the Van Buren side of the family. I finally found the missing link I was looking for. Here’s the link: http://familytreemaker.genealogy.com/users/m/o/o/Richard-W-Moore/COL7-0001.html

    I am Tiffany Ankrom-McLaney. I am so glad you responded and hope we are connected!

    • Aloha Tiffany,

      Thanks for your information. Have you taken a trip to Albany, New York to see the area our Dutch forefathers settled? It is quite an experience. BTW-I am related to Martin Van Buren (US President). Does your research verify that you are also related?

  7. Tiffany says:

    My grandmother (Helen R Harwell) has the paperwork where we are related to Martin Van Buren. She has visited the settlement in New York herself, as well as my mother. My grandmother and her parents came from New York as well! Tis all very exciting. Thanks again for posting this so I could find distant (yes very distant) relatives! I can’t thank you enough for posting and keeping this updated.

  8. That is exciting news, Tiffany. Once in awhile I will Google “Martin Van Buren-president” online. Most sites that mention his heritage note his Dutch roots and go back to mention Cornelis Van Buren as the first immigrant to New Amsterdam, America. Yes-we can be proud to claim a bloodline with such remarkable historical people. FYI-did you know the expression “OK” is attributed to Martin Van Buren? His nickname was “Old Kinderhook” – OK! I smile every time I write or speak OK!

  9. act621 says:

    This is so great to see people connecting over their family histories. I am also related on the Van Schaick side. My 3rd Great Grandfather was Stephen Henry Van Schaick who was a brother to Garrett Van Schaick.

    • Hi Angela! Seems we are cousins! Thanks for taking the time to read my family tree research into the Dutch side of our shared families. Diana

    • Carol Hamilton (nee Van Schaick) says:

      Hi Angela, my 2nd great grandfather is also S.H. Van Schaick. My sister, dad and I were lucky enough to travel to Albany and visit Van Schaick Island as well as view the archives in the state library. Definitely worth it!

      • Hi Carol, I’m pleased that my personal pilgrimage reaches the vast Dutch “cousins” descended from Goosen Garrettsen Van Schaick. When you visited Van Schaick Island, did you get a tour of the Homestead? there is incredible history connected with the island once owned by our common ancestor. Revolutionary War generals held campaign planning in the house, which led to the Battle of Saratoga–turning point of the War for Independence.

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